Writing the Next Blackraven Novel

Magic in the Blackraven world is an emerging phenomena. Most urban fantasy novels treat magic as if it’s alway been around. I thought it would be interesting to track it as an emerging event. Scientists seek new knowledge from seemingly random data, something like magic would be a fascinating area. Like all unknowns it takes experimentation, trial and error to get results.

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How does my background help in my writing?

Yes but only if I write about stuff I know about. Hold it! I write science fiction and fantasy how could I know about it, it hasn’t happened?

Well, I know about science and engineering. I was in the Navy for a long time so I got to know sailors and the military lifestyle and the general way the military/government approaches things. I have been a World Master for 36 or so years. And I read voraciously. Thus I think about it a great deal. In my day job I design engineering processes for designing aerospace stuff. I spend a great deal of my time thinking about how you would think about thinking about things. We call that third order thinking.
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Why did I start Writing?

This has to be the most asked question of authors ever. Here’s my answer:

When I was in grade school it was determined that I was having trouble reading, spelling, and writing. A combination of reasons had caused the problem: Son of an Air Force office that moved around the country during my early school years. 1st grade and part of 2nd in Massachusetts, rest of 2nd and 3rd in Indiana, 4th in Montana. I missed key things because the states taught different things at different times. Anyway, the school convinced my parents that I need to go to summer school between my 5th and 6th grade years. I discovered pleasure reading. My world exploded.
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