Latest Urban Fantasy – Stealing Symbols and Souls

Stealing Symbols and Souls

What if grad school instead of pass/fail was live/die?

Stephanie Blackraven considered herself a normal grad student: BS electrical engineering, MS in systems engineering, MA in archeology, and working towards a doctorate in energy physics, and mystology. So, maybe not normal, normal, but not weird.

She discovered that some symbols, when created properly, contained energy. Just a little bit of energy. Working with another grad student, Bruce Richardson, she is trying to decipher the mathematical physics behind the phenomena. Then, someone breaks into her lab to destroy her equipment, four times.

A policeman, Joe Bremer, shows up in class asking about her symbols and how they could be used in crime, gang related crime. Then she powers a really big symbol and creates a force field. That’s when life starts getting weird. She falls in love with Joe, only to find out he’s a werebear.

Stephanie finds herself involved in gang crime, dirty cops, werewolves, murder by symbol, assassination and in the middle of it all, her scary great uncle dies and leaves her everything, including someone trying to kill her. The only way she’s going to survive it is if she figures out why.

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Writing the Next Blackraven Novel

Magic in the Blackraven world is an emerging phenomena. Most urban fantasy novels treat magic as if it’s alway been around. I thought it would be interesting to track it as an emerging event. Scientists seek new knowledge from seemingly random data, something like magic would be a fascinating area. Like all unknowns it takes experimentation, trial and error to get results.

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Go Deeper or Don’t Go – The Latest in the Outrider Chronicles

You know you’re in deep when an Outrider shows up. You’re in over your head when three show up. And you’re really sunk when they are trying to be incognito to surprise the hellspawn.

Wizard Corpus has a map to truly epic treasure deep in the dungeon of Del’Cron. He’s a spellcaster of the researcher variety and realizes he needs protection.

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