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Friends Change

Friends Change
Friends Change – Sequel to Gift of Change

Surviving a pirate battle, being bio-upgraded by an ancient technology, traveling by having welded their little freighter to a destroyer, and finally making it to a solar system, not likely, was what Jason, Falon, and Fred, their ship AI, thought as they arrived at the Valtair system. As it turned out the underworld wanted to enslave them for the technology in their bodies, a pimp lord wanted Falon for his stable, the Debt police wanted them for all their wealth, and the Empire was still looking for Jason because of his advanced tech knowledge. The only answer, start and win a revolution to take the systems away from the powers that hold it, then hide in the chaos caused by the fighting and run while everyone is distracted.

With the help of friends, old and new, that was exactly what they were going to try and do, in this sequel to Gift of Change.

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Gift of Change

Gift of Change by DT Sanders
Gift of Change

Hunted by the Empire that once called him hero, while adapting to alien “gifts”, Jason and his crew struggle to survive in this sci-fi adventure.

Jason McCullan was a brilliant Imperial officer in the wrong place, at the wrong time with the right idea. His idea allowed a greatly outnumbered Imperial task force to defeat an in system armada, got him promoted, medals awarded, pronounced a hero of the Empire and made him enemies. They forced his early retirement from the Imperial Navy and that was only the beginning.

Now he’s overworked, understaffed, and betrayed by the Empire he had served. Jason finds himself running a fourteen man freighter alone, his pilot partner, Falon, in jail for brawling, his crewmen fired for stealing, hauling a classified cargo he’s not to look at, while working his way through a ship killing asteroid belt. Just another lousy day in space for a down on his luck retired Imperial officer? Maybe!

Jason, his pilot Falon, and their artificially intelligent computer Fred may survive using their wits, a gift from an alien telepath, luck, and superior lost technology, if they can master it before it enslaves them. What a choice – give up, adapt or die!