Gift of Friends—First 3 Chapters

Gift of Friends?

Surviving a pirate battle, being bio-upgraded by an ancient technology, traveling by having welded their little freighter to a destroyer, and finally making it to a solar system, was just the beginning.

Jason, Falon, and Fred, their ship AI, thought they were safe when they arrived in the Valtair system. Safe? Not likely!

The underworld wanted to enslave them for the technology in their bodies, a pimp lord wanted Falon for his stable, the Debt police wanted them for all their wealth, and the Empire was still looking for Jason because of his advanced tech knowledge. The only answer was to out smart them all by starting and winning a revolution to take the systems away from the powers that hold it, then hide in the chaos caused by the fighting and run while everyone is distracted.

Well that was the plan, sort of. Ok, it wasn’t the plan at all but it sure seemed to fall together like they planned it. With the help of friends old and new they just might pull it off in this sequel to Gift of Change.