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DT Sanders

Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

Friends Change

Friends Change

Surviving a pirate battle, being bio-upgraded by an ancient technology, traveling by having welded their little freighter to a destroyer, and finally making it to a solar system, not likely, was what Jason, Falon, and Fred, their ship AI, thought as they arrived at the Valtair system. As it turned out the underworld wanted to enslave them for the technology in their bodies, a pimp lord wanted Falon for his stable, the Debt police wanted them for all their wealth, and the Empire was still looking for Jason because of his advanced tech knowledge. The only answer, start and win a revolution to take the systems away from the powers that hold it, then hide in the chaos caused by the fighting and run while everyone is distracted.

With the help of friends, old and new, that was exactly what they were going to try and do, in this sequel to Gift of Change.

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Go Deeper or Don’t Go

An Outrider Chronicle

You know you’re in deep when an Outrider shows up. You’re in over your head when three show up. And you’re really sunk when they are trying to be incognito to surprise the hellspawn.

Wizard Corpus has a map to truly epic treasure deep in the dungeon of Del’Cron. He’s a spellcaster of the researcher variety and realizes he needs protection.

Captain Urn is a disgraced officer of the guard in New Donna. Disgraced because he was honorable, loyal to his men, and trying to keep order in New Donna, despite the corrupt council that set policy. New Donna is more like a battlefield than a city, so Captain Urn’s guards were trained like soldiers, not policemen.

Urn’s guards were the best. He made sure. They knew he looked out for them. Solid orders, the best equipment, even if the Captain had to pay for it out of his own pocked. Loyalty flowed both ways. They would follow him to hell and back.

Wizard Corpus needs guards. Captain Urn needs his name cleared. They make a deal, Corpus gets his magic item, Urn gets information that will clear his name, and the treasure goes to the soldiers Urn is bringing with him. It sounded good when they started.

Then three Outriders came along and the adventure got deeper, deeper than even the Outriders suspected. Go Deeper or Don’t Go is another chapter in the Outrider Chronicles.

Outrider Chronicles

Blessed Curse

There are some who give a voice to those who aren’t allowed to speak, even if that voice comes at the point of a sword. Life is tough, especially so for commoners in an enchanted medieval world where their lives can be casually destroyed by corrupt nobles, armored brigands, and plotting hellspawn.

A small group of heroes, powerful enough to stand against armies, rose up to restore the balance, to give the commoners a voice. The Outriders, whether rune weaver, knight, thief, or mage, all banded together to let the destroyers of lives know there are consequences.

This is the story of McGregor, known as the Earth’s Champion, one of the heroes. He can be a compassionate and considerate stalwart of the common man, or he can be a cold and ruthless defender where collateral damage is just a part of war. It all depends on how he bonds with the earth upon his return.